Basics of Algo Trading


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Why so expensive?

It’s unfortunate that there are forex scams. But this simply isn’t one. Giving this info away for free or cheap won’t insure it goes into responsible hands. If you don’t believe the skill is worth the money please don’t buy! 

The price also filters out nefarious purchasers and allows you to fully think through your decision. Undervalued courses invite customers who try to steal content by consuming, then disputing with their bank.

Learn to Code

Learn a classic, and highly in demand language, C++ from scratch. You'll complete small projects to get you comfortable coding quickly

Learn finance

Automate your strategies and fully backtest to make sure they work. You can approach the market with ease, and peace of mind

Build an Algo

Walk through building an algorithm from scratch! We start with a blank slate and code a new algorithm all the way through a profitable backtest

Growth Together

The goal is for enough of us to learn the basics of coding so we can collaborate and build the curriculum and our algorithms together

Code Attached

The code we write in the course will come with the course. You will get early access to the community as we build upon it together.


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